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Most wanted poster for Android

Create you own most wanted poster

Create you own western moster wanted poster

Create your own wild west style most wanted poster

Most wanted is a funny and useful photo app where you can create a western / wild west style most wanted poster in no time. Make a prank with your friends and share it on Facebook or mail.

You can use this funny photo effect app to make whatever most wanted poster you can imagine by easily changing the picture and text – A wild west mugshot. If you like other photo booth or photo frame apps you will definitely like most wanted for making hilarious pictures. Edit the photo and text to make a personal invitation or greeeting card.

How to use the most wanted poster app:
1. Choose an photography. Use the camera or choose existing image from phone gallery.
2. Use the photo editor to adjust the image by moving, zooming and rotating the image. The camera effect is black and white. The photo editor does not include warp and distortion of face.
3. Tap the text to change the texts on the poster.
4. Save and/or share on Facebook, mail, etc.

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Most wanted poster app