Space Monkeys

Space Monkeys Block Puzzle for Android

Space Monkeys block puzzle

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Help the space monkeys to find their way back …

The Space Monkeys are lost and cant find their way back. Guide the monkeys to the right goal and help them back home. If you like games like Quell, Block Em, Greedy Spiders you will definitely like Space Monkeys.

Space Monkeys is a new style block puzzle game where you have to move the monkeys to the right goal. The game is a real brain teaser that will challenge your logic skills and patience.

How to play:
All monkeys must stand on their respective target to solve the puzzle. You solve the puzzle by moving the monkeys one at a time and using them to block / unblock each other. When moving a monkey it will keep walking until reaching an obstruction (other monkey, wall, stone or hole). Though, a monkey is placed on its goal you can still move it using it to block other monkeys which is needed to solve the puzzle.

Space Monkeys features:
- Unique puzzle game
- More than 55 challenging levels
- Puzzles with 2, 3 and 4 monkeys.

** Mail from user **
Cool puzzle. In some ways a bit like quell reflect or greedy spiders and cut the rope. Hours of fun. Really like the levels with 4 monkeys.

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